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You’ve Got This

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants may not, at first, sound like the most visually enticing client to work on. But they’re surprisingly fun — and they looked to us to create fun, surprising materials like a website, and communications with both students and teachers. My role was to push design and update brand guidelines while creating a multitude of print and digital collateral for events and competitions.

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Pull It Together

ThisWayToCPA, an AIPCA initiative geared toward guiding college students to CPA-hood, wanted to revamp existing career-planning content to make it more interesting and accessible to students.


Pull It Together: The Art of the Actionable Career Plan was created as a spiral-bound, activity- and exercise-filled workbook. The copy speaks to college students on their level, using a conversational voice full of wit and fun. The design incorporates vivid colors, textures and lots of unexpected and irreverent imagery to appeal to students. All of which add excitement and interest to the otherwise arduous, but necessary—and oftentimes boring—task of career planning.


2014 Gold Addy Winner.