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Going Places

For 175 years, Hollins University, a small, private women's college in Roanoke, Virginia, has shaped women who are doers and achievers. To communicate the effect of a Hollins education today to influencers like employers, guidance counselors and parents, we created a campaign focusing on the Hollins woman’s experience *after* graduation.

Going way beyond the usual highlights-of-campus-life campaign approach and imagery, we shared striking examples of real Hollins grads who truly are, as the school’s longtime slogan says, “going places.” In doing so, we inspired plenty of alumnae and prospective students as well.

2017 CASE Circle of Excellence Bronze Award Winner.

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Foundations for Tomorrow

For over sixty years, FMI has played an integral role in the engineering and construction industries. To effectively convey the vast expertise and services they offer, FMI needed a site that clearly communicated that no one has been there for industry leaders like FMI.


Working closely with our developers and strategists, I led design on this very complex and informative website using concepts from the very talented Nikki Steeprock. The overall site needed to engage quickly and prevent information overload. Content was broken up, both visually and through templated pages, for ease of use.


Icon sets were created to help guide users to specific content, distinguish different sections of the site, and for storytelling purposes.


Lots of pages means lots of images. While most of these were stock, we were able to select imagery that felt holistically on brand while remaining engaging and authentic. All imagery was treated to appear more unified.

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Redefining “Tiny”

The Lenovo ThinkStation P320 Tiny is the world’s smallest workstation. We were tasked with creating a multi-use video showcasing key features and uses of Tiny while redefining the word.

We aimed for a conversation starter — something in between a teaser and an explainer video — for Lenovo to get Tiny in front of everyone from customers to sales partners.

With the success of the first video, Lenovo came to us again to create a short Happy New Year teaser for sales partners to use to send out for the holidays.

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A Story 20 Years
in the Making

For two decades, Carolina Ballet has been a celebrated tradition of the Triangle. For the 20th anniversary, the campaign focused on the stories of the shows, the dancers, and the success of the ballet.


I led design on an integrated campaign to celebrate the ballet as a staple within the area by coordinating photo shoots for each show in iconic parts of the greater Raleigh area. The brochure, which in past years had focused only on the shows, now dived much deeper into the company’s rich history to showcase their unique identity and create a memorable keepsake.


I had the fortune of working with the talented Geoff Wood on all shoots around Raleigh to create approachable and recognizable photography for use in campaign collateral.

2018 Gold Triangle Ad Fed Winner.

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Redesigning the global
MBA experience

OneMBA strives to stand apart in a sea of academic-focused MBA programs with a global curriculum focusing on experience. Their students are engaged, energetic, and ambitious, so the design and user experience needed to match.
The new site is bold and unique, while still easy to navigate. A vibrant, inviting color palette was paired with clean typography, subtle gradients, and small details to reflect the global curriculum.
I led design and worked with the very talented Ben Quirk, who led development to create a non-traditional and authentic experience.