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A collection of everything else—including one-off projects, concepted collateral for pitches and campaigns, and stuff that just didn’t make the cut.

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You’ve Got This

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants may not, at first, sound like the most visually enticing client to work on. But they’re surprisingly fun — and they looked to us to create fun, surprising materials like a website, and communications with both students and teachers. My role was to push design and update brand guidelines while creating a multitude of print and digital collateral for events and competitions.

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No Two Alike

Integrated campaign for UF Health; 'No Two Alike' highlighted patient stories through personal experiences, all marked by their unique scars.

Out of home and digital collateral was created from photography of patients selected throughout an interview series.

2016 ADDY winner for Best Integrated Campaign and Best in Show.

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By the Numbers

Working with our AICPA client, we got to create a series of infographics on topics accountants and would-be accountants are keenly interested in for the Journal of Accountancy. We covered job trends in the forensics and valuation specialty, current skills gaps in the profession overall, and — this was more just fun — facts related to the organization reaching a membership milestone.

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Empathy + Expertise

UNC Health Care is bringing empathy and expertise to communities across the state. We wanted to celebrate all these unique communities, and the great care found there, with a campaign focused on the unique traits of individual towns.

A full external media campaign was complemented by an equally important internal effort: Getting the system’s thousands of employees up to speed and enthusiastic about what was happening. “The Sum of Us” shone a spotlight on the ways UNC’s people come together and combine talents to bring patients the best of what everyone has to offer.

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We Stand for Energy

We Stand for Energy is a program sponsored by the Edison Electric Institute, that believes the future is powered by electricity, and that that future must be reliable, affordable and sustainable.

In making “We Stand for Energy,” “we” - that would be me, the writer and our creative director - wanted to make this complex and mostly unseen topic of the energy grid seem down-to-earth, friendly and approachable. Look for my cameo at :02.

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It’s Not What You Find Here, It’s Who

If you’re a bright young college-bound person, you’re deluged with messaging and materials from great schools all over the country. The goal? Show what makes UNC different. The method: Share stories from real students who illustrate the invaluable connections you make at Carolina.

A distinctive, engaging series of admissions mailers now goes out to students at each stage of the high school experience, helping them see what UNC is all about and get a sense of whether it’s right for them. They all highlight that the best thing about getting a world-class education is being around *other* people who are getting a world-class education. The campaign used real students – and examples and photos of their Carolina connections – to show that it's not *what* you find here, it's *who.*


2015 In2 SABRE Award Winner for Branding & Identity.

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Your Suitcase is Really a Treasure Chest

National Travel and Tourism Week is an annual tradition celebrating the value travel brings to communities. Clean took part in 2018 by creating stop motion videos to represent their travel-related clients, a social contest encouraging participants to take a trip of their own, and a microsite containing tourism facts and all contest-related content.
On a very tight timeline, the amazing Laura Craig and I created a library of assets to use for the contest and site graphics.

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Pull It Together

ThisWayToCPA, an AIPCA initiative geared toward guiding college students to CPA-hood, wanted to revamp existing career-planning content to make it more interesting and accessible to students.


Pull It Together: The Art of the Actionable Career Plan was created as a spiral-bound, activity- and exercise-filled workbook. The copy speaks to college students on their level, using a conversational voice full of wit and fun. The design incorporates vivid colors, textures and lots of unexpected and irreverent imagery to appeal to students. All of which add excitement and interest to the otherwise arduous, but necessary—and oftentimes boring—task of career planning.


2014 Gold Addy Winner.

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A Higher Form of Drying

Long-time client Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance came to us with a fun new co-op project, sponsored by well-known European appliance manufacturer Blomberg. To promote Blomberg’s new super-efficient dryer — and get people using less energy as a result — we created a :30 commercial and a series of shorter teasers. The client ended up loving the integration of illustration and live-action, which also helped us make the most of their budget.